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Collage of the Caribbean and the Golf of Mexico that includes pieces of maps, natural elements such as butterflies and insects, and man-made objects such as signs, ports, boats. Also a fisherman trowing a net from Louisiana to the Caribbean

Caribbean Futures
Workshop and Symposium

The Caribbean Futures workshop and symposium will gather scholars, practitioners, and students at the LSU School of Architecture to investigate and imagine actionable ideas to meet the challenges of escalating inequality and accelerating climate change in greater Caribbean, including the Gulf Coast. The 2022-23 Nadine Carter Russel Chair, Sabine Malebranche will host the event and present a keynote lecture on Wednesday, February 8th. Between Wednesday and Friday, architecture students will represent a possible future scenario in a Caribbean site tutored by a broad panel of experts. On Saturday, February 11th, the results will be exhibited and discussed in a symposium with the expert workshop leaders, LSU and regional faculty, and students. Throughout the workshop, a curated Caribbean resource room including books, multimedia, and digital resources will be set up in the Clark and Laura Boyce Gallery.

FEB 08

Sabine Malebranche

Russel Chair Lecture

Planning and Making Possible Futures in Haiti

4:00 pm to 5:30 pm

Music Building, Recital Hall

FEB 09-10

All-School Caribbean Futures Workshop

9:00am to 5:30pm

Atkinson Hall

FEB 10

Reception & Exhibition

5:30pm to 7:0pm
Barnes Ogden Art & Design Complex Gallery

FEB 11

Caribbean Futures Symposium

9:00 am to 1:00 pm
Honors College Sternberg Salon

Nadine Carter Russel Chair

Sabine Malebranche

Sabine Malebranche is an architect and urban planner. She received a diploma as an engineer-architect from the Faculty of Sciences of the State University of Haiti (1980) and also holds a Master of City and Regional Planning (M.C.R.P.) from Rutgers University (USA) as a Fulbright-LASPAU scholar (1984).

Founder and chief urban planner at SODADE, the Société d’Aménagement et de Développement, a firm specializing in urban studies and land use planning, Ms. Malebranche developed with a team of professionals, from 2005 to 2019, expert contributions in the fields of urban planning, municipal planning, local development, community participatory planning and post-disaster planning in Haitian locales.

Ms. Malebranche is a national expert in urban planning and has developed baseline urban studies financed by the UNDP, the IDB, USAID, the European Union, URBAYITI, and Expertise France, in Port-au -Prince, the Haitian capital, as well as provincial towns.

Sabine Malebranche photo

The Caribbean Futures Workshop and Symposium will host guests from a broad range of countries, institutions, and expertise.

Caribbean Futures Guests

Workshop Leaders

Workshop Topics
Future Scenarios

GOVERNMENT: Democratization of Metropolitan Governance
Zulma Bolívar

AESTHETICS: Black Aesthetic in Environmental Design. Black Culture + Environmental Design Matters
Jack Travis

COAST + AGRICULTURE: Urban Farming and Rewilding
Anna Georas Santos

ENERGY: Catatumbo Lightning. A development plan for Puerto Concha
Andrea Castro Marcucci

MIGRATION: Migrations, Mobilities, and the Future of Tourism: the Caribbean for whom?
Fredo Rivera

COAST + AGRICULTURE:  Living Waterscapes. Learning From Sea Dead Zones
Carla Urbina

Student will join one of these teams for the All-School Workshop. 

Caribbean Futures Guests

Symposium participants

Fallon Aidoo
Assistant Professor of Real Estate & Historic Preservation
Tulane University

Jay Edwards
Professor Emeritus, Geography & Anthropology
Louisiana State University

Brent Fortenberry
Christovich Associate Professor of Historic Preservation
Tulane University

Sarah Franzen
Assistant Professor, Geography & Anthropology
Louisiana State University

Gary Gilbert
Director of Design, Coleman Partners - Professional in Residence
Louisiana State University

Kiwana McClung
Associate Professor, SLEMCO/BORSF Professor in Art & Architecture II

University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Helen Regis
Associate Professor, Geography & Anthropology
Louisiana State University

Andrew Sluyter
Professor, Geography & Anthropology
Louisiana State University


Detailed Schedule

Feb 08

Nadie Carter Russell Chair Lecture
Sabine Malebranche

Planning and Making Possible Futures in Haiti
4:00 pm to 5:30 pm

Music Building, Recital Hall

Feb 01-10

Caribbean Resource Library

9:00 am to 4:30 pm

Clark and Laura Boyce Gallery - 104 Julian T. White Hall (former Design Building)

Feb 09


Zulma Bolívar, Jack Travis, Andrea Castro Marcucci
9:00 am to 10:00 am
Atchafalaya Room - 399 Student Union


All-School Caribbean Futures Workshop
10:15 am to 5:30 pm
First Floor - Atkinson Hall

Feb 10


Anna Georas Santos, Fredo Rivera, Carla Urbina
9:00 am to 10:00 am
Lockett Hall 15


All-School Caribbean Futures Workshop
10:15 am to 5:30 pm
First Floor - Atkinson Hall


Feb 10

Reception & Exhibition of All-School Workshop Projects
5:30 pm to 7:00 pm
Barnes Ogden Gallery - Barnes Ogden Art & Design Complex (former Studio Arts Building)

Feb 11

Caribbean Futures Symposium
Sternberg Salon - Honors College

9:00 am        

Welcome and introductions

9:30 am        

Panel #1 - Climate related policies        

Moderator: Brian Mckinney

Panelists: Traci Birch, Sarah Franzen, Carla Urbina, Amirhosein Jafari, Anna Georas.

10:30 am    

Panel #2 - Facing disaster: Heritage and preservation        
Moderator: Maede Mohammadi Kharkeshi

Panelists: Jay Edwards, Fallon Aidoo, Andrew Sluyter, Brent Fortenberry, Kiwana McClung, Andrea Castro.

11:30 am        

Panel #3 - Displacing culture: Tourism and Diaspora

Moderator: Courtney Klee

Panelists: Fredo Rivera, Helen Regis, Gary Gilbert, Jack Travis.

12:30 pm

Closing comments
Workshop Coordinators & Sabine Malebranche, Russell Chair


Conference Event
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